EARTH UFO Fest is held at The Thurston Co. Fairgrounds 3054 Carpenter Rd. SE in Lacey, WA on Aug 30th, 31st and Sep 1st.


These Tickets are for the Symposium, Not the Festival.  Although, General Admission Festival entry fee of $7 is included in these tickets.


Daily Cost for Symposium:  $100

Cost per Lecture:  $45


Select from:

Friday Daily Ticket $100

Saturday Daily Ticket $100

Sunday Daily Ticket $100

Fri Aug 30th 1p Tyyler Burrett

Fri Aug 30th 2p Michiko & Ted Mahr

Fri Aug 30th 4p Miceal

Fri Aug 30th 6p Dr. Matt Johnson

Fri Aug 30th 8p Capt. Randy Cramer

Sat Aug 31st 10a Jo Ann Richards

Sat Aug 31st 1p Ryan Leisinger

Sat Aug 31st 3:30p Kerry Cassidy

Sat Aug 31st 6:30p Scott Mowry

Sat Aug 31st 8:45p Rex Bear

Sun Sep 1st 8:45a Breakfast w/Simon

Sun Sep 1st 11a Alex Collier

Sun Sep 1st 1:30p Panel of Speakers

Sun Sep 1st 4p WORKSHOPS


Earth UFO Fest Symposium DAILY & INDIVIDUAL Tickets for Lectures

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  • This is for the Synposium, not the Festival.  Although the Festival entry fee is included in these tickets.