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An Arts Theater is more than the heartbeat of a community.......


it feeds the mind....it soothes the soul...and it tames the beast!


 In short, it creates an energy field in the community that benefits everyone!


The Triad Theater, that tiny art sanctuary located in the historic Wolf Building in the heart of Yelm, has provided hundreds of outstanding shows since it opened in 2012.


But no theater survives on the ticket sales alone! Ticket sales pay less than half of the budget of a theater! The remainder must come from Grants and the support of its patrons!


The Triad Arts Theater was created to secure a place for the arts that would continue to thrive for future generations in the community. Vision and hard work has made this dream become a reality.  


Now it is time you step in to support the theater if you wish it to remain a part of the culture of the community! 


It needs your support and the community needs the theater!

Your support will ensure that that The Triad Theater will continue to bloom as a community theater that we can be proud of!


Cameron Jayne

Director of Arts 

The Triad Arts Theater


Telephone: (360)458-3140

Email:  thetriadtheater@gmail.com




 102 E Yelm Ave. 

Yelm, WA  98597