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It's Jayne from the Triad!


Hope you have time to check out this info and the attachments.


If you want an Arts Theater in our community to provide a home for all the wonderful artists we have... an environment for students to learn to express themselves and take lessons in Art, Drama, Poetry and Music; If you want a place that provides a little sparkle to the community...a place you can go LOCALLY to be entertained with the finest of entertainment and lecturers to open your mind... without having to drive 30 minutes or more in the fog, rain and ice, then you need to step up and contribute to the Triad Arts Theater if you haven't already.


We are growing… and so are repairs and utilities and rent!  Do your part to keep our theater growing!  Even a mere $5 a month helps us! 


Send your money to The Triad Theater PO BOX 2040 Yelm Ave  Yelm WA 98597 or drop it off at the theater when you come to attend a show!  Or contribute through our website through this link: 



To put on these shows, is like creating a wedding reception every day of the year almost for your daughter! Overwhelming work but oh so worth it… but only if you feel the same. It takes all of us to make this work! And for your information, No one is on salary at the Triad! Countless hours are spent creating, booking, marketing, decorating, cleaning, and repairing to keep these shows happening. But you need to step up a bit more.


In the attachments are our 501c standing and other info. I thank you up front for helping us...and appreciate your support of SRO Live Theater Company, Nancy Hillman's Children Classes for Performance, Sonia and Mike our music instructors and Paul Keeslar for our art gallery through the theater.


Mark on the application or check if you have a special area you wish your contribution to help fund All areas? SRO LIVE THEATER COMPANY?  NANCY HILLMAN'S Children's Theater Classes, Music Instruction? Lecturers? Poetry? Parade? I will personally see to it that a big portion goes to that cause.


We are all in this together! With gratitude.

 Jayne of the Triad Theater

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