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Artists of the Area and The Triad


NOTE:  if your computer/device doesn't default to your email server, you may have to type these email addresses into an email rather than click on them here. 
Michael Apau, Mind Mason
Poetry, Lyricist
Trish Becerra
Illustration, Painting, Design
Judy Chapman
Sacred Geometry/watercolor, pencil, markers
Patricia Everheart
Mixed Media, Embroidery, Needlepoint
Carolyn GiaMarco
Music, Art, Theater
Nancy Hillman
Artistic Director, SRO Productions, StageStruck - Drama Lessons, Childrens Theater & Shows
Marcia Keilee
Photography, Painting & Drawing, Poetry & Prose
Sherry Kirk
Pottery, Bookbinding
Beke Lemke
Oils, Acrylic, Alcohol Ink
Michael C. Loeffler
Painting, Sculpture
Michael C. Loeffler
Painting, Sculpture
Susan Tabor
Drawing, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting
Carla Lowery
Paintings, Portraits, Oils, Acyrlics, Sketches
Yukio Masuda
Music, Vocalist
Leonie McTainsh
Natural dyes, Silks, Fantasy Creations Figures
Aura Petersen
Illustrations, Portraits, Murals, Paintings
Valerie Rogers
Interior Designer
Lina Seidman
Porcelain ceramics, Painting
Edward Eugene Smith
Poetry, Prose
Tayde Vazquez
Painting, Mixed Media, Wire Art, Dolls
Eliza Welker
Fine Arts, Murals
Suzanne Wood
Painting - oils, watercolors,illustrations
Peter Mooyman
Sonia Pena
Music Lessons - Piano, Drums, Violin, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Ukulele, and Rhythm Guitar. Call 360-584-0075 to schedule.

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We are providing a central directory list of local artists with contact info so that the rest of the world knows about the talent we have right here in our area!


If you are an artist and want to be on the directory please send us your info in the box below and hit the send button. 


We charge a one time fee of $10 to add your name to the list to help defray costs.



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